Sunday in Paris

Sunday in Paris.

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7 Great Places to Eat and Drink in New Orleans

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In New Orleans “speak” – the language often used by New Orleanians to give meaning and pronunciation to certain local words – the word lagniappe (pronounced “lan-yap”) means “a little something extra”, “something given or obtained gratuitously…

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Bienvenidos a Argentina!

Bienvenidos a Argentina!.

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Are You Part of the “Lufthansa Group”?


Classcic #Followsummer and Bad Customer Service from Lufthansa

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Lufthansa has given us a room in a 5 star hotel with three full meals and use of the room for the full day, until we need to head over to the airport for the flight. We are still boiling mad from their shoddy treatment of us last night at the airport, and this gesture seems more like a throw-anything-at-the-customer-to-get-them-to-stop-complaining ploy than a concrete attempt at customer service or problem resolution. We soon discover that this gesture has been given to everyone who was bumped from the flight last night. With all the money they are throwing at trying to bandage their lack of service, we wonder how they can stay in business.

Over the course of the day we pass members of our “Lufthansa group” in the halls, restaurants and elevators of our hotel and say “Buenos Aires?” We snort and roll our eyes at each other and although…

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Down Argentine Way

Down Argentine Way.

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In Brugges

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Today is All Souls Day and a holiday in Belgium and indeed much of Europe. It is also our last day in Europe and we must do our final repack and organize the return of the…

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The Day Before All Souls

The Day Before All Souls.

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